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examples of work
(including downloadable examples)

to view these examples you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader
<<< link to free Adobe Reader download. some files may take a little while to load.


illustrated site plans
these are basically standard 2d plans, by adding simple touches such as shadows to buildings and trees, colour to roadways and grass you can turn a flat unclear black and white plan into a more artistic illustration. this is particularly useful when submitting schemes for planning, sending plot layouts to estate agents and helping the client to understand your scheme.

3d visualisations
we create these using the 3d aspect of the vectorworks cad package. they are created using standard 2d plans. giving the objects heights, thicknesses and other 3d information you can produce simple but very effective models which can be rendered and rotated to find the best viewing angle to enhance your design scheme. these have proven very useful when selling a scheme to a client and showing a contractor exactly what the finished design will look like.

3d isometric
this was produced to enable the proposed alterations of a local church to be easily read and understood by the committee who made the decisions on funding. it was also an effective tool to allow the congregation to make comments or suggestions. simple, but effective.

building regulations, plans, elevations and sections
this particular scheme was a new build block of two storey flats. the architects did not have the resources to convert the planning drawings into a building regulations set. we were provided with a specification and were instructed to add the construction information to the plans, elevations and sections. we complete many building regulation drawings like the example above, either with a full specification provided or we can work from simple plans and provide a full specification and details ourselves.

survey plans   survery elevations   proposed elevations  
proposed floor plans   barn conversion elevation

planning drawings
a large part of our workload is producing planning drawings. many of you have a good idea of what you are looking for from your properties. we can turn those ideas into full cad scale drawings with the necessary information and notation to be submitted for planning which either you can do, or we can manage it for you. we can make the whole planning process hassle free by providing the drawings, completing the necessary forms and certificates, liaising with the planning officers and compiling the application before submitting it on your behalf.

construction details

roof section detail for a bespoke garden office.

construction details - roof


note: we have limited examples of these projects due to the strict copyrights in these industries.

there are many industries that benefit from cad. we have worked for furniture manufacturers, shopfit designers and manufacturers of various components, for example hydraulic rams, extractor fans, steel frame designers etc.
all of these professions demanded working within their own specific tolerances. the one aspect they all had in common was that they didn’t have the resources to complete these projects.

shopfit plan   components

component detail
we have completed a large number of component drawings similar to this for a company who manufacture their own shop furniture. this is one of many standard shelving components which is now part of a drawing library created by ourselves which is used to send to their manufacturing department.

component detail

interior design scheme
a plan and wall elevation of a retail outlet. each of the wall mounted and freestanding units were also detailed (see standard unit detail) to be tendered for production.

shopfit layout

space planning
these drawings were produced by taking a survey, inserting a company’s standard shopfit furniture system and lighting grid to find the most practical and aesthetically pleasing solution.

space plan & lighting

standard unit detail
detailed and dimensioned unit, ready for production.

standard unit detail
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